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Having a digital presence is essential for all Small Businesses today.

Almost 90% of people who want to spend money will research a business online, with 60% of them losing trust in a business if they have no website, or even with outdated or broken sites.

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I don’t need a website, I have a FaceBook Business Page…

Having a social media presence is essential to reach new and existing customers, but it cannot replace a website and here are a few reason why… 

  • “You do not own your FaceBook account or any of your posts, images or video they are the property of FaceBook.
  • Your Business Page has limitations dictated by Facebook and they can change functionality without notice.
  • Most posts have a life span of upto 5 hours maximum, and only 3% to 4% of your followers will ever see your posts.
  • FaceBook is a newsfeed, not a search engine, do you search facebook when looking for a business, NO, you “Google It”.
  • Users will not trust a business that only has a Facebook page, they have no confidence your business is genuine.
  • A website is your property and you have total control over your content and can update it anytime.
  • You can design you pages as you see fit and add as much content as you like, with galleries, blogs and videos.
  • By implementing sound SEO techniques, Google will be able to index your pages and content in a way you can control.
  • Your brand will define the look and feel of you website giving users instant identifiable awareness.
  • Having a website with good content builds trust and confidence with users before the spend.

Google and other search engines are still your best resource

Google’s goal is to deliver the most accurate information with the best quality to their users when they need it most. This gives the website owners a clear advantage to be inculded when it matters and the ability to always deliver fresh quality content about their business, products or services.

Brochure Site


A simple brochure website is the best way to profile your Business, Products or Services online.

Coupled with high quality images and SEO based text information, users can find everything they need to decide that they want to become a customer.

Online Blog


A blog is simply a collection of articles promoting your expertise on a particular topic.

Most business owners already know what they are talking about, a blog allows your website to have dynamic content that is always changing, keeps users coming back, which in turn improves SEO, interest and visitors.



An e-commerce solution on your website allows customers who normally cannot visit your business to make a decision and purchase from you immediately.

Taking payment could not be easier nowadays, PayPal can be integrated into any website to receive payment online before goods are despatched.

Hosted Services

Hosting is one of the most important parts of any website, you need to be sure that your content will be safe and delivered to users fast and reliably.


  • Fast SSD based servers
  • Cloudflare (CDN)
  • SSL Security on all domains
  • Free unlimited Email Setup
  • 24/7 – 365 Maintenance
  • 24hr Managed Servers
  • Backup & Uptime Monitoring
  • Services Reporting
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Website & Server Maintenance


Website Security

Keeping unwanted users out of the admin area is of the highest priority, as they can do severe damage.

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For some unknown reason, there are thousands of hackers who will try anything to change or delete websites files.

It is imperative that security is maintained to the highest standard at all times. Unwanted changes can result is your website being blacklisted by search engines.

Backup / Restore

Ensuring clean backups are always available & being able to restore content should an event occur.

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There are many reasons for a website to go down, security breach, corrupt files, bad software update or even a lack of an update.

We manage regular backups for our clients, monthly, weekly or daily backups are stored on our servers and locally.

We can even include a copy of backups to your own online storage account if needs be.

Software Updates

Keeping website & web server software up to date is imperative to keep a website working at all times.

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Our managed server hosting is always kept up to date to allow the websites of our many customers working at all times.

Website software however, is a different set of tasks. We can maintain all website software as often as required with all customer websites being monitored Daily. 


up-time monitor

Website changes, updates & Security issues can all affect a website, we monitor daily to ensure up-time.

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Each and every website we maintain is monitored daily to ensure our customer websites are always up.

Even though hosting companies do server maintenance, we have a server that will always be up unless there is a serious breach.

In that case we know when a site goes down and will restore to a previous version and resume normal service immediatly.

Managed Analytics

Google Analytics is imperative to know what a user is doing or how interested they are in your website.

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However, analytics needs constant management every day to be effective for the website owner.

Knowing what part of your website keeps users interested and active will allow you to keep your content up to date and always interesting.

We can work with you to take the daily management of analytics off your shoulders and return regular reports on how your website or web pages are doing.

Managed SEO

Search Engine Optomisation (SEO), is not as complicated as it sounds, but it is time consuming work.

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Managing SEO is something we can do for you to ensure your website content is perfoming the way it should and attract as many users as possible.

Every item on your website including Text, Images, Video, Page Titles etc. all need to be SEO compatible. We ensure through our design that each page meets the basic standards.

SEO is not a once off task, it needs constant management to allow your website to offer the best content to your users and turn them in paying customers.


GDPR Compliance

Being transparent with your users is important so that they know what personal information you retain.

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Keeping personal information for a financial transaction is important and must be kept for a minimum of 5 years.

However, your website will install cookies on a users device or you could be taking personal information for a membership or subscription.

You must allow a user to find out what, if any, personal information you retain and give them the opportunity to have it deleted if required.

Services Reporting

We can produce regular reporting on our managed services to keep you up to date on performance.

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Reporting to you how we are managing you services is important for both your business and ours.

We can ensure that we send regular reports on our managed services and this is included in our intermediate and advanced maintenance contracts.

The more services we provide the more indepth our reporting is to all of our clients.

Online Trading

Developing a eCommerce solution is a great way to expand your customer base & increase product sales. Online Trading Solutions may even quality for e-commerce Trading Vouchers from your Local Enterprise Office.

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