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Online Digital Business

Content builds relationships. Relationships are built on trust. Trust drives revenue.

(Andrew M. Davis)

Website Design & Development

The solid foundation of your Business and online presence.

Website Design for your business will allow you the freedom to promote all of your products or services online, it gives you the control to keep your information up to date. Adding an e-commerce Solution will even allow you to trade online.

Information is key to building trust with new and existing customers, the content you provide on your website design will inform your customers of everything they will need to know about your Company.

Do I really need a website for my Business?

In short Yes, no matter what industry you are in you should have one the day you start trading, or as soon as you can.

  • Over 60% of consumers will not trust or even consider a business that does not have a website.
  • Over 90% of consumers go online to research and find local businesses and products.
  • Over 70% of Business consumers believe that website content impacts a final decision to trade with a company.
  • Social Media Reach is getting Harder. Every other business has social media and posts are not reaching end users, less than 3% of your followers will see your posts, and they are gone in 4 hours.
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Digital Marketing

Having a website for your business is only the beginning. The next step is to use your website as a base to extend and reach new and existing customers to expand business.

A successful Online Digital Marketing Campaign will engage new customers, generate and build an interest in your products and services that in turn will build trust and revenue. Website Marketing and Social Media Marketing are a necessity online presence

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Graphic Design

Graphic Design is the art of communicating through photography or illustration. It allows you to build a visually interesting image of your brand that will grab people’s attention and get your message out.

We have an in-house graphic design consultant that can help you with Business Logos, Printed Material Design, Signage, Display Stands and even social media branding.

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PC Repair & Maintenance

Keeping your laptop or business machine up to date, clean and free from viruses or malware can be a daunting process and we tend to steer away from what we don’t understand.

At Creatus, we can help you not only get your devices up to date and clean, but we can also show you how easy it is to keep them working harder and longer. No more worries.

Our PC repair service is available for any laptop, desktop or tablet or any devices running on Microsoft Windows any version. If we cannot repair it, there is no charge for our service.

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